Awarded "New Technology of the Year" in Sports Medicine

Regain stability and independence with Topical Gear products.

Regain stability and independence with Topical Gear products.

In this short article, we will provide you with a quick clarification on compression products and Topical Gear products.

Let`s start with the compression products. They create better blood flow which benefits patients with poor circulation. Compression products disperse lactic acid after extensive workouts which benefit athletes during recovery.

The Topical Gear  T:25 technology is a compression sleeve with foam buttresses that activate/train specific muscles to help patients Rehab post-injury, post-op.

We commonly say that T:25 technology is the next generation of compression. People who know and have already worn compression are all excited when they try on the T:25. 

Topical Gear’s initial focus was helping athletes, but what we recognize is that our products are really beneficial for Boomers and Seniors when their stability and independence become an issue. With age, the key muscles that control our movement go on Vacation. Until now a cane or walker were the only options for most of the 50 + around the world! Now they can wear T:25 Knees to regain stability and independence for many years, by purchasing a 2nd-3rd-4th set of T:25 Knees!

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