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WE Discuss Invest Girls Guys MOVEMENT

As more and more medical and sport professionals became interested in Topical Gear's approach to changing the Functional Movement of the 50+  and athletes, Bill Bue decided to hold monthly zoom calls. This Open Forum addresses the GAP in Functional Movement of a 10 year old female athlete or a 85 year old man with a total knee. 

The professionals which are part of WE digg Movements are all forward acting Athletic Trainer, biomechanist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Elite Performance Coach , Women's Collegiate and Professional Soccer Coach, Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Football Coach, Trigger Point Massage, Functional Movement Specialist, Exercise Science, Geriatric Kinesiologist.

The exchange has been excellent as individuals bring knowledge and mentors into each meeting. 



Don't forget to INVITE your friends. spouse, children, grandchildren, mailman, plumber, and anyone that want to learn from one of the top experts in the field! We digg Movement is free to attend!  


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