Awarded "New Technology of the Year" in Sports Medicine
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  • The next generation of ankle compression
Dr. McInerney

Dr. McInerney

"I have script T:25 Knees for hundreds of baby boomers through the TeleMovement program. Most of my patients experience reduced pain and become active again in 30 days, in the safety and convenience of their home."

Lanny L. Johnson, M.D.

Lanny L. Johnson, M.D.

I am an orthopedic surgeon.  I have performed total knee surgery.  As a candidate for such, I have successfully been putting off this surgery for 25 years.  I have used weight loss, stationary bicycle, wedged insoles and anti-inflammation pills.  However, I now have bone on bone, decreased activity and just cannot handle stairs.  I gradually lost muscle strength and have real trouble walking on uneven ground.


Then I tried Dynamic Total Knee orthotic.  Somewhat skeptical, I gave it a try.  Wow! 
I immediately had better gait.  Then I was surprised I could ascend stairs much easier.  I still was cautious going down stairs.


The principle is not magic, but physiologic.  The pads within the sleeve place focused localized pressure on the thigh muscles critical to control of the knee joint. These muscles are optimally activated.  This principle has been known for year in sports medicine, but just now adapted to maximizing mobility for those of us with bone on bone knee joint arthritis.


You might want to give it a try.

Chris Petrucelli - Women’s Soccer Coach at Southern Methodist University

Chris Petrucelli - Women’s Soccer Coach at Southern Methodist University

"My players ran faster, had more endurance and power with ZERO ACL tears after wearing the T:25 Knee from Topical Gear!"


Topical Gear products activate/train specific muscles that have been on vacation for years or decades, which will allow you to become active again!

We have developed our products based on current medical research.

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When I have T:25 Knees on, I do feel a big difference. I feel a lot better, my knees are a lot more stable and I can walk better. My legs feel stronger and more stable. 

Debra (10 days after using T:25 Knees)


After using T:25 Ankle every other day for two hours in just 3 weeks I felt way better. No pain. I have no problem walking. I have zero pain. 

Tom (3 weeks after using T:25 Ankle)

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