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Kent`s Story: The very first thing I noticed about the Pro Taco product was its comfort

Kent`s Story: The very first thing I noticed about the Pro Taco product was its comfort

In our last article we shared Gabrielle`s story while becoming active again in T:25 Knees. Today we want to share Kent experiences as a tennis professional who wore many different ankle braces before stabilizing his ankles in Pro Taco Ankle system. 

Kent’s left ankle was chronically unstable, due to repeated ligament tears while playing collegiate and professional tennis for years. During Kent career he  wore Nearly every iteration of ankle brace on the market. All of these products, in his opinion, are essentially surrogates for taping, which offer the convenience of application/removal and reduced cost of taping athletes. The brace designs were basic figure 8 with a heel lock or a more sophisticated AFO variant. Kent was constantly looking for a brace that was comfortable, provided stability for his ankles, while allowing for full range of motion.

Topical Gear founder Bill Bue introduced Kent to Pro Taco Ankle. 

The very first thing Kent said he noticed about the Pro Taco product was that it was comfortable, like an athletic sock. Within minutes, he didn't even remember that he mhad it on. Every other product that he has, restricts any normal inversion-eversion ROM, and affects his gait slightly. this restriction was the most troubling when limiting his weight shift while swinging a golf club, hindering performance.on the golf course.

Here are some of Kent`s words: 

“ Pro Taco Ankle is something different. It allows me to move, and shift my weight normally, but activates my proprioceptive responses as soon as I get up to that critical point where inversion seems un-avoidable. Here is how I know. Last weekend I was working on a ladder, doing some painting at my home. I was wearing the Taco. Upon coming down from the ladder, I did the classic plantarflex, weight on the lateral side at the toes, and just as I was about to tip and roll, everything fired. No drama, no rolling around on the ground swearing and holding my ankle, etc. For a set of 50-year-old ankles, that have a lot of hard miles on them, ruptured talo-fib, calcaneo-fib, and medial gastroc, that piece of equipment really showed me something! If it can do that for me, it will certainly help a tremendous number of younger athletes out there. Wish I would have had it 30 years ago.” 


About Pro Taco Ankle

The Pro Taco is designed to TRAIN SPECIFIC MUSCLES that keep the ankles stable at work when walking, or during activity. The Pro Taco will provide 6 months of ankle Rehab/ stability that fits an active lifestyle post-injury, post-op.

Kent was a professional tennis player who later because an Orthopedic brace sales rep.  ( put this info just below the intro, lends credibility)

You can order the product from here.

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