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Avoiding Total Knee Surgery by Dr. Lanny Johnson

Avoiding Total Knee Surgery by Dr. Lanny Johnson

The Dynamic Total Knee: I knew of this technology for sports. A reintroduction with the inventor, Bill Bue alerted me to applicable for knee arthritis; mine. Following a re-introduction, I was willing to explore its potential for further non-operative treatment of my bone-on-bone knee problem. I doubted its benefit, but I do not have a closed mind to technology. My approach is always a willing to explore until proven otherwise.

To my surprise, the application to both lower extremities provided immediate improvement in stair climbing. Yes, immediately. I was suspicious of some biomechanical trick. I subsequently learned I could ascend 2 flight of stairs somewhat hesitantly, heretofore not possible. Descending steps was better, but I still lacked confidence.

I then tested on stationary bicycle. I normally do 25 minutes at minimal resistance setting of 2. I do not want to load the arthritic knee. With the Dynamic Total Knee on, I found the #2 setting too easy. I cautiously elevated to #3 and did the 25-minute routine. It was minimally more resistant than #2, but did not hurt. My heart rate before climbed from 60 the 70’s. This time it when into the mid 80’s and caused perspiration not observed before. There was no subsequent knee pain or swelling.

Video-taping provided documentation of my gait. First was barefoot, then barefoot with DTK sleeve on both thighs which showed improvement. Finally, DTK with my shoes with wedged insoles. Amazing video evidence of improved dynamics of my gait; no lessons and no surgery. Way better symptomatically and dynamically.

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