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How to strengthen your ankles?

How to strengthen your ankles?

Each day 25,000 people roll, sprain, or tear a ligament in their ankle. A 1st-degree ankle injury is a sprain, a 2nd-degree ankle injury is a partial tear of the lateral ligament, a 3rd-degree tear is a complete tear of the ligament, the ankle will be very discolored and swollen. If you have experienced that then a good start to recovery will be: rest, cold therapy, compression with a U-shaped buttress under the ankle bone, and elevation.

Topical Gear Sports Medicine team was founded to focus on female volleyball athletes’ ankles. These young ladies had a LONG history of ankle injuries while wearing an archaic ankle brace. We became very interested in helping these athletes gain stability in their ankles to keep them healthy while competing. We knew if we could keep these athletes from rolling their ankles we could keep patients from rolling their ankles. Why? The loads these girls put on their ankles for some 6 to 10 years during youth and collegiate competition is enormous. If we can keep these girls’ ankles healthy we could keep the 50 yr + patients’ ankles healthy!

To accomplish this we took an anatomical approach to strengthen ankles which would completely change the way an individual’s ankles are cared for. It's important for you to understand that if we can keep an individual’s ankles healthy we have given them a solid foundation. If your ankles are not healthy the rest of your body will be challenged to counteract the deficiency in your feet!

How our products can help?

Our team investigated multiple published papers on the function of the foot and ankle. We agreed that the product we created must enhance proprioception to strengthen the specific muscles designed to protect the ankle soft tissue. In doing so we could reduce the risk of a person experiencing a 2nd or 3rd ankle sprain or torn ligament.

The Pro Taco design received excellent feedback immediately because it was not an ankle brace. The sleeve was soft, light, allowed for a full range of motion, and trained the peroneal and posterior tibialis which are the specific muscles that strengthen and stabilize the ankle. When individual steps off of a curb, out of the car, or are going down steps their muscles must be ready to control the added force they may experience at any moment. When the key muscles react fast, they can protect you from injuring your ankle and falling, which can cause additional injuries.

Pro Taco should be used once a patient is weight-bearing after ankle sprains, lateral ligament tears, high ankle sprains, Achilles ruptures, plantar fasciitis.

Pro Taco modular design consists of an ankle sleeve with two foam buttresses attached, an elastic strap, and a lateral plastic buttress.

Rehab a sprained ankle, high ankle sprain, torn ligament, and Achilles Tendon:
The foam pads train the peroneal and posterior tibialis muscles to stabilize the ankle, necessary after any ankle/foot injury listed above. The foam buttresses also message both sides of the Achilles tendon to revascularize the Achilles, accelerating the healing process.

Rehab Plantar Fasciitis:
The elastic strap is designed to be worn to reduce the pain of Plantar Fasciitis patients.

More Stability:
The lateral plastic buttress can be Velcro in place to offer maximum lateral support, apply Pro Taco specific to your needs once you have watched the fitting and use video at

T:25 Ankle is our 2nd generation designed to train the specific muscles that stabilize the ankle, just like Pro Taco. T:25 Ankle is made for athletes, with world-class compression machines. T:25 Ankle was created for athletes to wear every time they participate in sport. The design is 1.1 oz, wafer-thin, worn against the skin. The washer and dryer are safe.


What you can do to prevent an injury?

Many professionals suggest doing a range of motion exercises in every direction to loosen ligaments and prevent Achilles Ruptures before activity. I believe a wobble board allows you to stretch ankle soft tissues and the Achilles while enhancing your proprioception, a sense of awareness that is very valuable while standing, walking, running, jumping. I suggest wearing a pair of Pro Taco or T:25 Ankle while on the wobble board as a solid Rehab protocol to get and keep ankles healthy.

Buying the correct SIZE and STYLE of shoes to wear is extremely important to your feet while working, hiking leisurely walks, up and down steps at your home, or sport. Statistics suggest that 65% of us wore shoes 1 to 2 sizes too small growing up. Take your time when buying your next pair of shoes. Make sure they are the correct size and style for your needs. You have worked hard to get healthy ankles, buying the right pair of shoes is another step towards keeping healthy ankles.

Many of us weigh more than we should. The foot and ankles experience additional pressure as we gain weight. For every pound you lose 10 pounds of pressure is removed from your feet. For every pound you gain, 10 pounds of pressure is added to your feet! When you gain weight your gait changes putting excess pressure on your arches and tendons of your feet. Severe issues can occur including flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, pain, arthritis, gout, wearing down connective tissues, and wearing down fat pads. This leads to inactivity where poor circulation becomes a concern. Training on the wobble board with Pro Taco or T:25 Ankles may help you lose 10 -15 lbs over 6 months. That weight loss will take some 100 -150 lbs of pressure off of your ankles !!

In closing, the Sports Medicine team at Topical Gear has designed state-of-the-art products that provide great benefit to your ankles, wear them. Please consider purchasing a wobble board to use while training your muscles in Pro Taco or T:25 Ankle, you will notice a big difference in your daily Movement!

What do our clients say?

After suffering from plantar fasciitis for more than a year, having tried everything from chiropractic care, acupuncture, exercise, and icing to a variety of specialized footwear, but nothing had a significant impact until I tried your product.
After wearing your support brace for just under a month, I was pain-free for the first time in a long while.
Thank you from the bottom of my feet.
Barbara Young

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