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Can you workout on a sprained ankle?

Can you workout on a sprained ankle?

Staying active is always recommended by health organizations. Activity leads to a happier, healthier, longer life. We all understand this but some times this advice is hard to follow after an ankle injury. Which leads us to a question often ask can you workout on a sprained ankle?

There are over one million ankle injuries each year and approximately 85% of these injuries are ankle sprains.

The following suggestions focus on lateral ankle sprains, which are some 80% of all ankle injuries in the USA. Athletes experience 85% of the ankle injuries. 

When ankle sprains occur the public often go to the emergency room for initial care. Once the public schedules an appointment for evaluation and rehab by a Podiatrist, Orthopedic Surgeon, DO, Family Practice Phy, Physical Therapist, or Athletic Trainer, recovery beginsAthletes participating in organized sports have an Athletic Trainer or Team Physician to care for them post injury.

Minor ankle sprains will have some pain and minimal swelling. Serious ankle sprains experience more pain and swelling. When a ligament or ligaments are torn, you will feel significant pain and swelling, with discoloration on the outside of your foot.  

The athlete or public often follow the RICE treatment. Rest, ice, compression, elevation. Today there is a lot of discussion about using ice post-injury. We suggest continues circulating cold therapy units to be used for weeks until pain, swelling, and rehab are completed.  

Keep the swelling out from under the ankle bone and you will rehab faster.

Athletic Trainers often place a 4" long piece of foam shaped like a horseshoe, under the bottom half of the ankle bone, held in place with an ACE wrap or ankle compression wrap. This will allow you to return to activity much faster..

Once weight bearing we suggest Pro Taco ankle for the public and T:25 Ankle for the athlete. These products activate/train the muscles that stabilize the foot/ankle to reduce risk of recurrent injury allowing you to return to activity faster. Consider Pro Taco ankle and T:25 Ankle as PT "To Go" ! These products will provide some 150 hours of rehab.

For minor to moderate ankle sprains, most people can start working out on their sprained ankle after a few days of proper care. If you have torn lateral ligaments listen to your medical professionals advice before working out again.Remember to wear Pro Taco or T:25 Ankle to help you become active again fast! 


Pro Taco Ankle or T:25 ANKLE

Are specifically designed to get and keep your ankles healthy at every age. We TRAIN SPECIFIC MUSCLES to better protect the lateral ligaments, reducing risk of initial or recurrent injury. Consider Pro Taco Ankle or T:25 Ankle Physical Therapy "To Go" ! 

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